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About Us

          Ever since the beginning of my powerlifting journey in 2011, I was focused maniacally on one thing: getting better. Whether this was tweaking my form, improving my program, optimizing recovery, I wanted to perform the best, especially on the deadlift. As I optimized various variables, I realized the footwear options for deadlift were not helping me, particularly as a sumo lifter. Not only were they not providing me the support for the lift, the existing options were not aesthetically pleasing either. It was then I decided to make my own deadlift slipper, and Notorious Lift was born. Since then, my passion for optimizing my lifts (especially the deadlift) has carried over to the company, working tirelessly to create a better and more aesthetically pleasing product for our loyal customers to enjoy when they lift.

          From the very beginning, Notorious Lift has been about two things: Innovation and Philanthropy. We want to create the premiere experience in lifting and footwear, both in terms of function and aesthetic, while giving back to causes we are passionate about, symbolized by our different colorways. We work tirelessly with each generation of footwear to enhance the experience of lifting, without forgetting about those not as fortunate as ourselves. 

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